T26E4 SuperPershing

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The spaced armor of this tank helps defend against HEAT, its front plates troll a lot but this should not make you believe to be impenetrable. The hull armor is 178/76/51 but the turret is limited to a 102/76/76. Clear that with these numbers most equal tier are perfectly able to successfully penetrate. Strong point depression of the gun that counts on a great -10 °. Huge difference in penetration between the standard ammo and gold that you often find yourself having to use especially if bottom, low the power even to weight ratio that limits the maximum speed to 40 km / h, making it half way between an medium and a heavy . Used in hull down can give satisfactions view the presence of the huge cloak the sides of the gun and the two lateral ears which effectively protect the turret from the HEAT (less AP and APCR). Given the low penetration of standard ammunition it would be ideal to use for flank trying to cash a few shots to ease the pressure on allies.

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